Новая версия программы AALog

AALog 3.8 is here
- DX notebook updated. Added interface with dxnews.com to load news automatically
- IOTA reference is added to QSO record automatically when it can be determined.
- /MM stations get ITU and CQ zones to -1 (not valid) by default
- Statistic - Quick summary for selected date interval - QSO Statistics for a selected time period
- Interval Statistic window- "Clear All" button added
- Multi QSO edit did not save position when closed - fixed
- Import does not set QSL buro sorting prefix - Fixed
- Copy to Clipboard item added in the Lookup in the Internet window
- You can customize Previous QSOs window to show portable operations of a call
- You can sort field position in ADIF file when exporting
- qrz.com(xml), qrz.ru lookup not worked correctly for portable callsigns - fixed
- F7 log search, partial callsign search - saves checkbox states
- Global QSO Search. You can optionally search in all logsets at once
- Edit QSO window nos shows the log name in the window title
- Moving contacts to another log bug - fixed
- In "Awards manager" window "More Info" button to show more info of a given reference (for example DXCC for CQ zones)
- New Award window layout for band independent awards. Awards can be defined as band independent and it gives a simpler look of their award statistic window.
- CQ/ITU zone is not cleared when Multi-QSO Edit (F4) action on DXCC field autofills Zones - Fixed
- Search in qrz.ru extended
- Callsigns which have not been worked at all yet in the active logset are highlighted in Spot Window
- new AATest data-file format support added
- Info popup in New QSO window if you get spotted
- In New QSO window, only the selected active time fields are displayed
Best regards

Alexander Anipkin

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