Kenwood TH-D74A

Новинки продукции для радиолюбителей



  • Transflective Color TFT Display
  • 1000 Alpha Memories
  • APRS
  • 13.8 VDC Input Jack
  • DTMF Memory
  • Built-in 1200/9600 bps TNC
  • DSP Voice Processing
  • Integrated GPS
  • Bluetooth Compliant
  • Extended Receive with HF CW/SSB

It will also support D-Star with superior audio. It is Bluetooth compliant and supports microSD and Micro-USB. Receive frequency ranges include: 136-174, 216-260, 410-470 [A] and 0.1-524 [B] MHz.

We will post further technical information and more photos the moment they are available.
Please note that the photo shown is a preproduction sample. Production units will look different.


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