Шкала силы сигнала S по-японски

Юмор в жизни радиолюбителя

How to send ear S
Mr. Shimura made a question on my friend's home page that how do we send the ear S with our S meter less machine. I made answer as follows.
I sand ear S for more than ten years on this way.
59 plus: When I receive his signal, fire burning on my eyes. The fan noise of linear amplifier can be heard. Also the click noise of the clock is heard. His voice over drives the inter frequency (IF) amplifier of my receiver. Therefore the voice has distortion. So it is hard to hear for me.
59: It is not hard to hear. It is strong enough. I feel hearing his voice, like face to face. I can hear his voice with no electric noise.
57: It has enough strength to make conversation. I can hear his signal with slight electric noise.
55: It is a slightly week signal. Not to hard to hear. I can hear his signal always with electric noise. I can copy his call sign. But I do not want to make long QSO, because it will make me tired.
53: It is weak signal and hard to hear. I could copy his signal with hearing three times.
51: I want to stop QSO with him. Weak! Only call sign , we made QSO enough. I do not be interested about your local weather.



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